Groomsmen and Best Man Oak Barrel Gift Package


Choosing the best man and groomsman gift doesn’t have to be difficult. Sure you want something unique that they will appreciate and use. Something that reminds them of your special day every time they use it.? Well, look no further.? The Best Man and groomsmen package will come with 6 quality oak aging barrels and each one will include the stand, bung and spigot.? You can even have them engraved with your custom info for each man. If you choose engraving just let us know what image and text you want on each barrel. e.g. Barrel #1 Template 1103, Name: Billy; Barrel #2 Template 1108, Name: bobby, Whiskey, City: Philadelphia, PA; etc, etc….

Engraving Info

If you would like engraving on your barrel enter the image number from our catalog and other personalized text info (if applicable).

Upload Your Own Design

Upload your own custom image for engraving. Remember only black with white background images (no grayscale) Please use formats: .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .pdf, .ai, .gif, .eps, etc. Extra cost includes engraving and file conversion.

Extra Add Ons

Add them here and save $$

Proof Required

Do you require a proof of your engraving before we proceed? If so check the box. We will send you a JPG image of the layout of your design. Be sure to check your email for the proof because we won’t proceed until you reply to the email with your approval.

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groomsmen best man oak barrel gift setUnique Groomsmen Oak Barrel Gift For Your Wedding Party

Some serious thought should be put into the process by some grooms, when trying to decide on the most unique groomsmen gift. Although ordinary gifts such as wallets and key chains can show appreciation, giving something that is unique is also ideal. The gift does not have to be expensive, but it should be indicative of the relationship between the groom and his closest and most trusted friends.

A groomsmen oak barrel is indeed a unique gift for aging liquor. It will be greatly appreciated by the groomsmen and will signify the relationships between the groom and his best man and groomsmen. These handmade mini oak barrels serve a purpose, as they can be used to age whiskey, wine, tequila, scotch, rum and bourbon.

A small groomsmen oak barrel is an excellent choices for groomsmen gifts, as their small size allows them to be placed on a shelf, mini bar or small counter. They can add to the decor in a game room or a man cave, and are good conversation pieces. Any man would be proud to be the owner of one of them, and will want to display it in his home because of the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail.

A groomsmen oak barrel gift is ideal for aging, as it enhances the taste of many wines and liquors. The wood adds to the taste of the selected spirits over time, while removing the bitterness or harshness. For centuries they have been used to produce wines and liquors, that are smoother and better tasting. A groomsmen oak barrel gift will allow men to carry on the tradition.

The mini groomsmen oak barrel can also age other liquids such as hot sauce, for those who do not consume spirits. Some famous restaurants place peppers, salt and other spices in oak barrels to make their own hot sauce, and groomsmen who are into cooking and fine cuisine can try to age their own versions of hot sauce. Other ingredients such as onions, garlic and herbs can be added as desired, to the concoction. This method of aging hot sauce results in the sauce having a robust flavor with a punch, which can be used in home made Southwestern and Mexican dishes.

When a groomsmen oak barrel is selected as a gift, it comes with instructions for maintaining, cleaning and aging. The oak barrel can add to the ambiance of a game room, den or mini bar even if it is used infrequently. This is a gift that will be fondly remembered, and is quite different from regular gifts.


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