Saloon Gift Package

Nice oak barrel gift package that comes with our 1 liter Cowboy Kit plus a bunch of extras.

Our Saloon Gift Package will receive all the following:

  1. Engraved 1 Liter Oak Aging Barrel (Includes stand, bung, spigot, paper funnel.)
  2. 1 Liquor essence flavor of choice
  3. Bourbon bottle
  4. 2 tall shot glasses
  5. 1 liter barrel mug
  6. Matching engraved stainless flask gift set (includes mini funnel, 2 stainless shot cups)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Our Saloon Barrel Gift Set is a great package to give. You will not only receive our tasty 1 liter oak aging barrel (you can supersize to larger barrels if you like) that can be used to make many delicious batches of your favorite liquor flavor but you will also receive our authentic oak barrel mug for drinking your cocktails, beer, or other drinks of your choice.? Once you have aged your recipe to the right flavor then you can pour it in the whiskey/bourbon bottle and start the next batch.? The matching engraved stainless steel 6 ounce flask gift set rounds out the gift set.

Additional information

Essence Flavors

Amber Cuban Rum, Blended Scotch, Canadian Rye Whiskey, Caribbean Rum, Cherry Bourbon, Cinnamon Whiskey, Coconut Rum, Creole Orange Rum, Honey Bourbon, Irish Whiskey, Jamaican Rum, Kentucky Bourbon, Scotch Highland Malt, Southern Whiskey, Spiced Bourbon, Spiced Rum, Tennessee Whiskey


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