Rum Essence

Oak barrel aging is great for neutral spirits. The white lightning liquor will quickly soak up all of the oak flavor, but the final product can still be tweaked with these Rum Essence Flavor bottles. Rum produces the perfect blend of sweetness and bite; it?s a flavor that will definitely please the palate. It?s no wonder that it is commonly used in adult desserts. These simple essences come in all sorts of flavors including Amber Cuban, Caribbean, Cocorum, Jamaican and Spiced rum. Just add the essence to your favorite spirit and taste the transformation. These essences use all natural ingredients.

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We normally recommend adding the 20ml bottle of rum essence to 750ml-1L of? unflavored rum.? You can drink it right away or you can age it in the oak barrel to give you that dark smooth barrel flavor.

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Rum Flavors

Amber Cuban Rum, Caribbean Rum, Coconut Rum, Creole Orange Rum, Jamaican Rum, Spiced Rum


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