Custom Engraved Quarter Barrel Heads


Each quarter barrel head is custom engraved with the text or image of your choice. They make a great gift idea and look beautiful hanging on the wall. Each quarter barrel head can be raw, light oil or a stain color you prefer below. The product includes engraving at no extra charge. The barrel head has a black barrel hoop around the edge with the barrel staves still attached.? Perfect for your man cave, hunting lodge, living room or as a gift.

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Barrel heads are approximately 20 inches in diameter and about 8 lbs. The quarter barrel head is pretty cool. It looks like a barrel is coming out of your wall.? The three dimensional look to it adds depth to any wall decor.? There is nor wall hanging wire needed unless you want to add it yourself. Really if you just put a nail or screw in a stud on your wall you can hang the quarter barrel head right on it by the lip or staves/hoop and it should rest there fine. Of course if you live in California with the earthquakes you may want to secure it a bit better so it doesn’t fall off during your next tremor.

If you want the high gloss finish on it please allow a couple extra days since it has to cure before we can ship it to you.? It looks pretty cool with the high gloss but if you are going for the rustic western look than you will want to skip the high gloss finish and just get a stain of your choice.


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