Extra Large Stogie Oak Barrel


The X-Large cigar oak barrel will hold a cigar up to about 7? and is? a huge 7? diameter. Are you more of the Churchill stogie kind of guy?? Well this is the cigar barrel for you.? Keep those bad boys in a manly looking humidor and keep them fresh with the included humidity beads. Includes cork lid.? You most definitely want to personalize this beauty with a name or just “CIGARS” to show it off.

Engraving Info

If you would like engraving on your cigar barrel enter the image number from our catalog and other personalized text info (if applicable). Just remember it is a small area for engraving so the more you want engraved the smaller it will be.

Upload Your Own Design

Upload your own custom image for engraving. Remember only black with white background images (no grayscale) Please use formats: .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .pdf, .ai, .gif, .eps, etc. Extra cost includes engraving and file conversion.

Proof Required

Do you require a proof of your engraving before we proceed? If so check the box. We will send you a JPG image of the layout of your design. Be sure to check your email for the proof because we won’t proceed until you reply to the email with your approval.


This 5 liter charred oak cigar barrel is approximately 7? from tip to tip internally and 7 1/2? in diameter. (external dimensions) If you are or know of a person that smokes the long Churchill cigars then they will need the extra large cigar barrel.? This size will handle not only quite a few of them but even if they are large in diameter you can still get quite a few inside this full 5 liter size oak barrel.

How to use the oak barrel to flavor your cigars.? First you want to soak the inside of the barrel with your favorite liquor. You can also soak the humidity beads with your liquor to give the moisture a flavor in the barrel.? Once you have allowed the liquor to soak in the barrel for a few hours by rolling it around on its side then pour the liquor back in your bottle (no sense in wasting it).? Then once the bottom of the barrel has mostly dried then go ahead and drop you cigars inside and put the lid on the barrel.? Give it a few days or however long you want and the liquor flavor will infuse in to the cigars over time.


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