A lot of questions frequently surround the right way to serve whiskey. Depending on individual preferences, you can drink whiskey on the rocks, neat, or with a splash of water. There’s no right or wrong way, and it all depends on what you like best. To get even more enjoyment out of whiskey, the following suggestions will help based on the specific type you’re drinking.

Barrel proof whiskey or whiskey that’s been aged in casks will normally benefit from adding a splash of cold water or a couple of ice cubes. Each will add enhancement to the flavors and aromas of the whiskey that would probably otherwise have been missed. Water also helps to neutralize the burn of the alcohol in stronger whiskies. Two whiskey brands in particular that benefit from a splash of water are Booker’s bourbon and Ardbeg Uigedail single malt Scotch whiskey. After you add the ice to either of these whiskies, it’s a good idea to wait for a few minutes to allow the whiskey to tighten up and release the desired flavors.

Most whiskies that range from 90 proof to 100 will be enhanced with a small splash of water, which will soften the sting of the alcohol taste. A lot of this is up to your personal preference; you may find that water thins the whiskey out too much. The way to find out what you prefer is by trial and error with a variety of different whiskies.

One of the most popular 80 proof whiskies is Jack Daniels, which can be enjoyed neat due to the lower alcohol strength. This brand probably doesn’t require the addition of ice or water, though this is still up to you. For any kind of whiskey, these are only suggested guidelines and not set rules. What matters the most is what gives you the most satisfaction out of your favorite brand of whiskey.

Everyone’s palate is a little different, and each responds differently to various whiskies’ strengths and flavors. One recommendation is to try adding a splash of water to a whiskey brand you normally drink neat, and vice versa. The results can tell you a great deal about what you like best when it comes to various flavors of whiskey. This is one of the most enjoyable ways to approach whiskey tasting, and it increases your chances of finding your favorite brand as well as favorite way to drink it.