20 Liter Oak Barrel


The Houston Oak Barrel is coming in at the number 1 largest barrel we have for personal use and named appropriately after the largest city in Texas. This HUGE 20 liter barrel may take you a bit of change to fill up but the flavor you will get it out of it will make your boots curl.? We also sell this size quite often to distilleries and wineries that want to test out their small batches.? We have had a moonshiner or two buy these as well. It is a great way to smooth out your prairie dew and add a nice dark whiskey look to your unaged white dog.? Of course you can just buy something off the shelf and age in in there to increase the flavor too.? Each 20 liter barrel will come with it’s own large spigot, bung and stand so you can set it on it’s side and drain a shot or two of liquid courage.

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Our 20 liter oak barrel is a hefty 15″ from head to head and 12″ in diameter. The 20 liter barrel is about a 5 gallon oak barrel with a little extra room. When aging in a 20 liter barrel you are aging two – three times the rate as a full size 53 gallon barrel will age.? So the flavor is affected 2-3 times faster in a 5 gallon barrel. It is our most popular size we sell to distilleries and wineries. We also sell quite a few to hot sauce manufacturers, restaurants, bars and of course the individual that just wants to show off.? It will take a bit to start getting the good oak barrel flavor imparted to your liquor or wine but when it does you will have over 5 gallons to drink, bottle and share with friends.? Some people even get one when their child is born and have it engraved to commemorate the event.? Then when the child turns 21 they open the barrel and have a toast with their son or daughter.? How about a bourbon that has been aged for 21 years to share with your 21 year old child on their birthday?? Cool idea!.


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