2 Liter Oak Barrel


The Austin Oak Barrel is a two liter barrel and our most popular size. Our 4th largest barrel named after the great Texas state capital and fourth largest city.? It is great for getting a nice batch of liquor aged and having enough to share with a friend or two.? Not quite ready for a huge blowout party with this size but a few close friends may want to give it taste. You can usually put a handle (1.75L) bottle in there. In a 2 liter barrel you should have a great flavor in about 6-10 weeks depending on how you like your whiskey, bourbon, rum etc flavored.? We think about 8 weeks works out real good.? You can then remove it and pour it in a bottle so it stops aging and start your next batch. use the barrel multiple times and it will last a while for you.It will age faster when it is new. You will also get the bung, spigot and stand with each oak barrel you purchase.

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The 2 liter oak barrel is approximately 7″ from end to end and about 6″ in diameter. All barrels have a light finish on them to keep them looking great on your bar. A 2 liter barrel will hold about a half gallon. The two liter barrel will age your drink 20-25 times faster than the full size oak barrels used in distilleries. The 2 liter oak barrels is probably our most popular for gift giving since it is large enough to use with a handle of liquor (1.75L) and it is nice size to display on your bar since the barrel head engraving will be a bit larger than the 1 liter barrel. It’s the perfect gift size but if you are looking to really impress your gift recipient then we would suggest our 3 liter oak barrel.

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Dimensions 7 × 5.5 in


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