5 Liter Oak Barrel


The Dallas Oak Barrel will hold a hefty 5 liters or a little over a full gallon of your favorite red eye. It will take a little longer (about 4-5 months) to get you a nice flavor and color influence on your liquor but yee haw when it does you will have enough to sip and share for quite a spell. Your 5 liter barrel will come with the bung, spigot and barrel stand so you can set it on your home bar and admire the beauty as it ages your favorite drink.? This size has a nice size barrel head for your personalized engraving too.

Engraving Info

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Upload your own custom image for engraving. Remember only black with white background images (no grayscale) Please use formats: .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .pdf, .ai, .gif, .eps, etc. Extra cost includes engraving and file conversion.

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Proof Required

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This 5 liter charred oak barrel is approximately 9″ from tip to tip and 7 1/2″ in diameter. A 5 liter barrel will hold a little over 1 gallon of your liquor. The 5 liter oak barrel will age about 8-10 times faster than the full size barrels they use in the whiskey distilleries. Our 5 liter barrel is our most popular with bars, restaurants and hotels because it is large enough to make a tasty barrel aged recipe for your customers but still small enough that it will make the batch nice and tasty in a fairly short amount of time.? If you really want to put a nice size barrel on display in your bar or restaurant then we recommend the 10 liter oak aging barrel.


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